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Field Grooming Equipment

Put the finishing touches on your baseball field or softball field with field rakes and tamps. We have a full line of field rakes that can handle any job like breaking up hard clay or muddy areas. Our heavy duty tamps will keep your mounds looking great. Our field rakes and tamps are perfect for any baseball or softball field. Have questions? Contact one of our field and facility experts today.

20 Products

Screening Rake
Price: $125.00 to $130.00
Infield Level Board
Price: $199.00
Sweet Spot Tamp
Price: $160.00 to $180.00
Collapsible Baserunner Rake
Price: $114.72 to $146.08
Round Point Shovel 48"
Price: $32.49 to $39.18
YardPro Rake
Price: $101.66
Landscape Rake
Price: $82.54 to $108.98
General Purpose Broom
Price: $82.99
Square Point Shovel
Price: $61.99
Loop Hoe
Price: $54.99
Field Rake
Price: $141.99
Infield Dirt Tamp
Price: Back Ordered until 7/30/22. Call to order.
Overseed Enhancing Tool
Price: $169.99
Sifting Scoop
Price: $188.99
Infield Tamp 12 x 12
Price: $165.99