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Field Drag Mats

Any owner of baseball or softball field knows the challenges of keeping the it maintained for game day. That’s where we come in. We’re proud to offer a premium selection of field drag equipment like all-steel drag mats, rigid steel drag mats, nail drags, infield eraser mats, heavy duty drag chains for tractors, and mats that are designed for rock removal.

Keeping your baseball or softball infield properly maintained on game days or off days doesn’t need to be a drag. Whether it’s our Big League Nail Drag, developed by a professional groundskeeper, who felt the existing drag mats on the market just didn’t cut it. Or our Rigid Steel Drag Mat, which is the most popular choice for groundskeepers at every level of play and almost every field condition (except for damp, wet fields). But what about the morning after a heavy rain? We’ve got that covered too! Our Original Infield Eraser is one of the most sought after field grooming devices made in decades! This field grooming device works in those wet, damp soil conditions that would otherwise ‘load up’ standard metal drags which can make your playing surface uneven and unsafe. We know that every field is different, and we pride our selves in offering a wide range of maintenance equipment for every occasion. Don’t have a tractor? Not a worry, we’ve even got a Hand Nail Drag. This nail drag is the perfect tool for scarifying baselines, cutouts, and home plate areas. All you need to do is drag.

For all types of soil conditions and at all levels of play we’ve got you covered. Our mats are an essential piece of field maintenance equipment for any baseball field or softball field. If you don’t see what you need or you’re not sure which drag mat is right for you – reach out to one of our field and facility experts. We’ve got decades of combined experience and would be glad to help you find the perfect fit for your field.

20 Products

All-Steel Drag Mat
Price: $223.68 to $493.99
Rigid Steel Drag Mats
Price: $203.37 to $380.52
Cocoa Drag Mats
Price: $261.99 to $741.99
Cocoa Finishing Mop
Price: $211.99
Flex Steel Mop
Price: $200.99
Hand Nail Drag
Price: $669.99
Cut N' Level Drag
Price: $1,079.99