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Sled Strips

Sled strips allow you to add long-lasting, durable artificial turf strips to your workout space, making them perfect for any gym or exercise area. Sled Strips are great for sled pushes, tire flips, and other high-intensity workouts. We manufacture our Sled Strips in several different sizes and colors to accommodate your facility’s needs, including 5' wide, 10' wide, and 15' wide in green, black, blue, or red turf

5 Products

Colored Sled Strips
Price: $1,289.00 to $2,879.00
Sled Strip - 10' x 50'
Price: $2,069.00
Sled Strip - 5' x 50'
Price: $1,129.00
Sled Strip Turf 5' x 30'
Price: $649.00
Sled Strip - 15' x 50'
Price: $2,899.00